Q: How long will the contract be?

A: The traditional length is a 1-year contract.

Q: How much deposit do I have to pay?

A: The amount of the deposit equals the amount of one month rent.

Q: Is there an additional agency fee?

A: No, our agency service is free.

Q: Will there be additional costs per months?

A: No, all prices include the usage of Water, Gas, Electricity and Internet on a fair-use basis.

Q: Are the rooms close to the Universities?

A: Yes, you will reach the SBE, Faculty of law or FASOS within several walking minutes from the Blekerij 60. The Faculty of Health Medicine and Life Sciences is closely located to the Bellomontedomein 22.

Q: Are the rooms up-to-date?

A: Yes, the rooms have been renovated within the last few years. The houses are always up-to-date concerning facilities, windows, etc.

Q: Is there a parking space available?

A: Yes, there are several parking spaces available at the Blekerij 60 subject to individual terms in the contract and payment p.m..
The Bellomontedomein 22 offers one parking space that may also be rented.

Q: Where do I put my bike?

A: Both Houses offer facilities to storage your bike – The Blekerij 60 has a garage, whereas the Bellomontedomein 22 has a garage for bikes.

Q: How is the living and study environment?

A: Both Houses are situated in a quiet safe environment that supports effective studying for its tenants.

Q: Are supermarkets close by?

A: Yes, both houses have supermarkets within several walking minutes.

Q: How can I rent?

A: Please feel  to send an email to contact@room-maastricht.com or check our facebook page.

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